Enstar’s founding activity, and the core of our ongoing business, is the acquisition and management of legacy insurance risk. We assume ceased portfolios and entire companies, allowing our clients to release operating capital, management time, and other resources for better use in their ongoing activities. Our primary focus is property/casualty companies and portfolios in run-off. When our thorough analysis of the value potential that can be realised through active claims and investment management meets our rigorous thresholds, Enstar also assumes life and annuity business.


Alongside outright acquisition, portfolio transfer is an important way that Enstar releases clients’ capital. The mechanism definitively assigns risks and liabilities from one re/insurer to another, to deliver economic and legal finality to our client. Enstar has completed numerous sizeable portfolio transfers globally, without disruption to our clients’ ongoing businesses. We have also structured innovative reinsurance solutions that achieve many of the same goals. We always strive to find the best solution to help our customers put legacy business behind them, and concentrate on the future.

Enstar retains a small but important presence in the life insurance and annuities legacy business. Our analytical approach to liabilities and assets, and our skill in their management, allows us to realise significant value from such portfolios.

We realise value through consistent innovation, a proactive approach to claims, and investment strategies focussed on asset preservation. As our scale and reach multiply, Enstar is able to build on past successes. We believe that many attractive opportunities remain, as regulatory requirements for re/insurers become more onerous, and risk carriers around the world search for ways to maximise the benefits of their capital deployment strategies. By forging new relationships and collaborative partnerships – whether though portfolio transfers or the acquisition of legacy companies – Enstar will continue to grow.

Enstar always strives to find the best solution to help our customers put legacy business behind them, and concentrate on the future.



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