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In 1993 Castlewood Ltd. was launched in Bermuda. Enstar’s founders had recognised the great potential in the reinsurance sector’s largely ignored run-off space.  By leveraging their expertise in risk and liabilities, their plan was to support client companies by freeing their capital and managing their discontinued operations.


Enstar's founders realised that scale would be critical in their ability to deliver. Eight years and more than a dozen property/casualty legacy acquisitions later, they formed a joint venture called Castlewood Holdings Ltd. with continuing partners The Enstar Group, Inc. and Trident II LP, an investment fund then managed by Marsh & McLennan. The partnership prospered. In 2007, Castlewood merged with Enstar Group, and took on its name. The merger supported continued growth through greater access to public markets.

Subsequent acquisitions followed, totalling more than 110 to date. Today, Enstar’s core legacy business is the main source of value creation, largely spanning expertise in property and casualty, workers’ compensation, asbestos and environmental, construction defect, marine, and aviation and transit.

In 2023, Enstar celebrated its 30-year anniversary. Click on the image below to view our 30-year anniversary video.

Enstar continues to move from strength to strength and remains vigilant to opportunities where its innovative capital release solutions can realise value.



March 31, 2024


March 31, 2024


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March 31, 2024


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