Enstar is a leading global insurance group that provides innovative capital release solutions and live specialty underwriting capabilities. Our diversified portfolio of companies is positioned across the world’s major insurance hubs spanning Bermuda, the U.S., London, Continental Europe, Australia, Singapore and other international locations. 


Enstar deploys its understanding of risks and liabilities to operate in two broad areas. Our original business activity is the acquisition - after careful analysis - of discontinued portfolios of insurance risk, along with the assets that back them. We release their embedded value through careful and focused management. This remains the core of Enstar’s operations.

In 2013 we expanded our horizons by purchasing - alongside trusted partners - significant ownership positions in live underwriting operations, including StarStone and Atrium at Lloyd’s. These businesses have dynamic and profitable underwriting operations, and have brought a variety of skilled and knowledgeable professionals to Enstar Group. Live underwriting also provides Enstar with in-house capabilities which are extremely useful in the acquisition of certain run-off businesses and portfolios.

We also offer advisory and consulting services. Companies including Cranmore, Paladin Managed Care Services, Shelbourne Syndicate Services, and Kinsale Brokers place tremendous and highly respected skill sets at our fingertips, for the better management of other Group companies. These firms also serve the broader re/insurance community, which further diversifies Enstar’s income.

Whether live or legacy, the businesses that comprise Enstar Group all follow the same core operational approach. They focus on superior management, scalability and vigilance to identify profitable opportunities, and discipline – whether in the acceptance of new re/insurance risks, or in the proactive claims management of legacy risks. All of that is supported by the deep technical expertise of Enstar’s 1,300+ risk and liability specialists employed around the world.

Whether live or legacy, the businesses that comprise Enstar Group all follow the same core operational approach - superior management, scalability and vigilance.



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