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Enstar is committed to employing, engaging, developing and retaining a highly skilled workforce. We continue to advance and embed programmes that focus on talent, employee recognition and wellbeing.


Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is critical to the success of our business. Our 2023 Employee Survey results showed the progress Enstar is making in our employee engagement efforts, with an overall engagement score of 88%. Due to our high engagement scores, Enstar received the People Insight Outstanding Workplace Award in 2022 and 2023, demonstrating our ability to build a positive workplace culture and to act on employee feedback in order to deliver positive change for all.

Outstanding Workplace 2022 People Insight Award



Enstar prioritises employee wellbeing. We believe that supporting the health and wellness of all Enstar people is key to sustaining our performance. We therefore provide a number of initiatives to help with employee wellbeing, including:

  • Company-wide webinars on topics such as menopause awareness, burnout, children’s wellbeing, and fitness and nutrition;
  • An Employee Assistance Programme
  • An online wellbeing platform;
  • Mental health first aiders;
  • A cycle to work scheme;
  • An annual wellness allowance; and
  • Annual health assessments.



Enstar firmly believes that diversity makes us a better business. Harnessing the unique insights and experiences of diverse employees makes us more innovative and creative, guides our strategic direction, and has tangible benefits for our organisation and all Enstar stakeholders.

Our DE&I vision is to create a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels that they belong and where diversity is celebrated.

Our DE&I mission is to create an inclusive culture that enables all our people to reach their potential, irrespective of their background.

In line with our commitment to fostering inclusion within the business, we have developed Employee Resource Groups for our employees, covering:

  • Parents and Carers;
  • Mental Health; and
  • Women in the Finance Industry.


More information on our DE&I performance can be found in our latest ESG report.



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