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Enstar aims to resolve complaints at the earliest possible opportunity. If your complaint can be resolved informally, we will provide you with a written summary resolution communication within three business days.

If your complaint can not be resolved informally, we will send you a written acknowledgment within five business days.

Our written acknowledgment of your complaint will:

  • provide you with Enstar’s internal complaint handling procedure,
  • reassure you that your concerns will be investigated,
  • explain what to expect next, and
  • give you the name and contact details of the person dealing with your complaint

If our investigation into your complaint is still ongoing, and we are unable to provide you with our final response within four weeks of receiving your complaint, we will send you an update letter.

Our update letter will explain:

  • why we are not yet in a position to resolve your complaint, and
  • what to expect next

By the end of week eight, we would have provided you with either:

  • our final response letter explaining the outcome of our investigation, the reason for it and the next steps, or
  • a letter explaining that we have been unable to conclude our investigation within eight weeks; if this is the case you may be eligible to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


The Financial Ombudsman Service is an independent service in the UK for settling disputes between consumers and businesses providing financial services. Their contact details are as follows:

In writing:
The Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR

By telephone:
0800 023 4567

Via email:
[email protected]

You can also visit their website at where you will find further information.

Please be aware that the Financial Ombudsman Service will only be able to consider your complaint after Enstar have had the opportunity to consider and resolve this.