Wherever we operate we strive to not only enrich the lives of the people who work for us but also the wider community. Through a range of corporate and staff based initiatives we target environmental and social issues around the world.

One such initiative is Enstar's involvement with the MAD, Make-a-Difference, foundation in South Africa. MAD was established by South Africa's captain of rugby, Francois Pienaar (played by Matt Damon on screen in the film Invictus) and a group of close friends.

The vision for the foundation is to give academically talented but economically disadvantaged youth an exceptional opportunity to reach their full potential as leaders and role models in South African society. In doing this MAD¹s eventual aim is to create an alumni of MAD beneficiaries who build a force for positive change in an emerging democracy.

You can read more about the charity and its work at: http://madcharity.org/



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