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Enstar is a leading global insurance group that delivers innovative insurance solutions through our network of group companies. Spanning a 30+ year history of operating in the run-off space, we leverage our ability to thoroughly understand risks and liabilities to create ideal legacy solutions for our partners. Our analytical approach benefits our partners seeking optimal capital deployment solutions crafted to meet their individual risk profiles.

We complement our core claims management business with a number of high-quality strategic investments.


Enstar was formed in 1993, as one of the world’s first standalone “run-off” insurance companies.

By 2007, we became Enstar Group Limited, and listed on NASDAQ under the ticker ESGR. By 2011, we had completed 48 transactions and in 2013, became the industry’s largest stand-alone run-off consolidator – a position we maintain today.

Our core focus is to acquire and manage run-off insurance and reinsurance liabilities, primarily from other re/insurance companies. We create value by better managing these run-off portfolios and strive to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns from our investment portfolio.

Regulatory change around the world is driving risk businesses to refocus, which creates opportunities in the legacy space. In this environment, Enstar has the vision and appetite to grow further.

Enstar leverages its expertise in claims management, risk analysis, and investment to generate value. These services make Enstar different, something unique. Click here to learn more.

Enstar is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock market (ticker symbol: ESGR).


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